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It has never been a pleasant surprise for any homeowner or business manager to stumble upon a bee, wasp, or hornets nest. Highly defensive, these stinging insects present a number of health issues to both humans and animals. For complete removal of these nests, call on the experienced professionals of Trust Olympus for this potentially dangerous task.

Our Expert Pest Removal Services

When it comes to bees and other flying insects that can sting both people and pets, you want to work with experienced pest removal technicians who will safely remove them from your property — and Trust Olympus is the team for the job. As a local pest control company with extensive knowledge of local bee, wasp, and hornet species, we have a beekeeper on our team who will safely collect the bees and re-home them (unless there are extenuating circumstances which make rehoming impossible). 

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If you have a bee, wasp, or hornets nest that needs removing, contact us now. Trust Olympus is recognized as a reputable pest control company in the Greater Puget Sound area that is dedicated to providing the best bee and flying insect removal solutions that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

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