Found in every town and city across America, mice and rat populations actually rival that of humans, with one rat for every person. Mice and rats can invade your home or business seeking shelter, water, or food. Once they have established a food or water source, they are there to stay. Rodents such as house mice or Norwegian rats establish nests in attics and basements, traveling through wall voids, ventilation shafts, and even up drain spouts. They can be harbingers of disease, transmitting contamination throughout your home or place of business. As vectors for bubonic plague, hantavirus, pulmonary fever, typhus, and a host of other infectious bacteria and parasites, both rats and mice must be handled and removed with caution.

Utilizing only those extermination methods and solutions that have been proven to safely remove and prevent household rodent populations, our rodent control specialists strive to restore your home to a pest-free haven. From identifying the culprit to seeking out its nesting areas and their point of entry into your home or business, your Trust Olympus technician will use our Integrated Pest Management System to return you to a rodent-free environment.

If you’ve noticed signs of rats or mice, such as chewed building materials, droppings, and ruined food packages, don’t hesitate to contact the customer care team at Trust Olympus today. Schedule an Appointment Today!Click here to schedule