Adept at digging complex underground tunnel systems, moles are responsible for causing long-term damage to both residential and commercial lawn and garden areas. They are so skilled at digging, that even at the first hint of their presence, the damage they’ve caused can be extensive. An adult mole can tunnel up to 15 feet per hour. Rarely coming above ground, moles do leave behind telltale signs of their presence; these signs include molehills, ridges, and brown grass-less paths in your yard.

Once they’ve established tunnels, they can be exceedingly difficult to get rid of. Though many DIY tricks have been tried, the most effective measure for permanently removing moles is with the help of a licensed pest control expert. Extensively trained and highly skilled in the identification and removal of moles, our technicians work quickly to limit the amount of damage moles can cause to your lawn and garden.

If you’ve noticed cone-shaped mounds and browning areas of grass in your yard, it is important for you to address the cause as soon as possible. As the Greater Puget Sounds preferred pest control company, we provide a quick and affordable solution for both residential and commercial property owners. Contact the professionals at Trust Olympus today.

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